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Happily serving the Valley for over 20 years   
My story and promise to you
Just a little history of how Cherry Auto Glass came about. It all started back in Seattle,
WA. When Speedy Auto Glass gave me the opportunity to manage one of there corp.
Stores back in 1992. The care, ethics and quality that Speedy Auto Glass cared so much
about more than that bottom line, was what made me into the person I am today. Those
wonderful years of quality service was short lived however, once I was transferred to
Arizona. Not with me but with the region which I am in to. I stayed with the company for
two more years then it hit me, I just could not take it anymore.  With no change in the
companies attention to service, I left Speedy and started Cherry Auto Glass Works.
The concerns that customers have when it comes to the installation of a piece of glass or window regulator motor being correctly
installed are  (
1.) Will they have air noise?  (2.) Will there be water leakage? (3.) Will this be under warranty?  
4.) How long is that warranty?  These will be the type of questions you can ask and we'll fulfill because we really do care about
you and what we do. The experienced techs that we have can answer any concerns or question that you may have before we get
started on you vehicle. I believe that this is what makes a company great, taking the time to hear the customers. We here at
Cherry Auto Glass Works, do hear your concerns and want to assure you that you won't be disappointed in choosing our
company. When we have completed the task at hand, that smile that we greeted you with when we showed up at the front door,
is the same wonderful smile we would love to see on your face once we have completed your glass services.
Vino Cherry
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